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What is Esports, and Why is it as Cool as Traditional Sports?

Sports have existed since the beginning of time, but as technology advances, traditional sports have slowly entered screens, starting with the invention of e-sports or electronic sports.

There has been a long debate on whether e-sports can mimic traditional sports and whether they are as cool as traditional sports, which seems to be quite a question considering their current popularity in the market.

Even though they are new, they are fairly popular, with a large number of gamers currently in this sector.

What are Esports?

Simply put, gamers play electronic sports, which are video games played in an organised manner, in teams, and in highly competitive events. Some sports also have the provision of offering the players cash, for which the teams compete.

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Esports and Its Audience

The data surveyed from 2020 show that the audience for esports is fairly large. Traditional sports have their own charm, with people going to stadiums to watch their favorite teams compete for the trophy in a sport of their choice.

Esports cannot completely replicate the exhilarating feeling of being in the moment. However, the thrill can be quite the same as watching the audience watch their favorite teams compete in online video games. 

As of 2020, more than 20 million people watched these sports played by pro gamers live or online. More than 11 billion hours of esports are watched annually across the world, and over 70 million people watch esports finals for games like the NBA, etc.

This shows how large the audience is for electronic sports and how people have taken an interest in games on their screens. 

Can Esports Be as Cool as Traditional Sports, And How?

We need to understand that esports is primarily audience-driven. This means that the number of esports enthusiasts as of 2021 (close to 200+ million) is expected to grow over the next few years.

The audience crossed 550+ million in 2024, showcasing the extent of people’s interest in esports. 

When we ask whether esports can be as cool as traditional sports, the answer is yes. The audience graph and its increment over the years prove this. However, if we ask whether esports can take over traditional sports, the answer would be a resounding no. 

Traditional sports always have the upper hand, as watching someone extend their physical abilities to win something is awe-inspiring.

Esports can be inspiring, but not with physical agility but rather with other factors like presence of mind, spot accuracy, and skills to win bets on platforms like Lotus365 sports betting, etc.


Therefore, it is safe to assume that even though esports cannot mimic traditional sports, they can be just as fun and mesmerizing to watch. Esports can be a cool idea for indulging in your favourite sport and getting entertained. 

Just like some like cricket, some like football, and others like boxing, a sizable population will like esports as they are.

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